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I decided that write in my diary in English!
My English is so bad.
So I want to use English in this blog☆

I might make many many many mistakes…
Please forgive me…(^_^A

Now,I’m going to introduce myself!
I’m from Japan.
I came to Toronto to study English.
I like waching movie and taking pictures.
So I want to be a movie director or photographer.

I’m a language school student in here.
My school has a lot of students from all around the world☆
From Brazil,Colombia,Korea,Russia,France,Saudi Arabia…
So many countries!!
And I have funny amazing friends(^^)
I love you guys…

I want to talk about my life in the blog.
Also I’m going to introduce my friends!

See you soon(^_^)/


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  1. Shiori, I mean Gu-ssan! I didnt know that you had a blog! Congratulations. I will follow it. 🙂

  2. TO nacHo

    Thank you for your comment !!
    I read your blog too !!


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