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Can I take a picture?

I like taking pictures.

It’s one of my hobbies and I’m absorbed in it.

But I have only 2 cameras…my digital camera is too old(I bought it 6 years ago!),

and another one is HOLGA that is my precious thing.


It looks like a toy but you can take awesome pictures.

It’s called “The camera has a soul”.But I can’t find films for HOLGA…

I brought 1 film from Japan and I developed it here.

“Where did you get this !! Oh my gosh…”a clerk woman said.

I asked her that I could get that kind of film here in Toronto.

She said,”Um…I’m not sure, but I think it’s difficult .”

So I really wanna buy new one.


If I get new camera,I will carry it everyday!!

I have taken many pictures since I arrived here.

My frinds,beautiful views,sky,flowers…

I take anything that I wanna take.


This is my friend Jake from Korea,I took this in Canada’s Wonderland.

He looks like a model ,doesn’t he? LOL

I wanna keep taking pictures in all my life.

When I’m taking picture,everything looks special.

So,I feel like “What a beautiful world !!”

That’s why I like taking pictures.


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