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End of summer

Today I went to the beach to play volleyball.

It was really fun but also really tired…

After that, we ate some snacks and drink…something…LOL

I like beaches…so beautiful.

The beach

I was lying down on the beach…Umm…feel so good.

It was one of my dreams that lying down on the beach and looking for stars.

The sky is so big. It’s like tucks everything.

I felt I am really small,and also my anxieties are small.

It was really amazing feeling that I’ve never felt before.

I didn’t wanna move…

In the furure,I really wanna live near beaches.

I’ll go there every day,for sure.


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  1. Hi Shiori! now your blog looks better! congratulations! If you like Toronto´s beaches you have to see tropical beaches. Amazing! spanish beaches are not too bad at all

    I hope see u one day in spain 😉

  2. To nacho

    I really want to go to Spain!!
    And please come to Japan(^^)

  3. I love beaches! And the other stuff that sound like this , too. Like “Peach”..
    I explored you’re blog right now fot the first time. I really like the way you write.. sounds really honest! See you. Jens

  4. To gentleman…hahaha

    Thank you so much!!
    I thought my blog is difficult to understand for other people.Coz I can’t explain my feelings well.
    So,I really happy to see your comment(^^)

    Um…sounds like “beach”…how about “speach”??LOL

  5. I saw a beautiful beach at the Pazific Ocean on Vancouver Island last weekend and at this moment I didn’t think about anything at all! The ocean had unbelieveable effects to me.. I got really calm!
    You know what? The sunsets at beaches are amazing, too!
    I’m going to show you some of the pictures I took… but I’m not a professionell photographer as you are 😛
    I wanna go eating Sushi with you and our other friends when I’m back, because I’ve never tried before! Please tell them in advance and we go…

    See you, when I’m back in T.O.

  6. To Jens

    I really want to go there!!
    I like the sunsets at beaches…
    I don’t know why but when I see the sunsets,
    almost I’ve been crying.
    I think because It’s too beautiful…

    I like your pictures,Jens!!
    In your pictures,I can see natural faces of my friends.
    I really love it!!

    And I want to take you to Sushi Restaurant!!
    Let’s go!!


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