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To Nacho

I still can’t believe you are not here.

I had to say good bye to you,but I really didn’t want to…

I had decided that I was going to say good bye with a smile.

But it was impossible…

Because of Yohei!!

I was trying not to cry.

But when I saw him crying,I couldn’t refrain from tears…

I cried too much,and I thought my eyes were going to melt.





I have a lot of things that I didn’t say to you.

Because I couldn’t stop crying…


Nacho,you are amazing.

I really happy to meet you in Toronto.


First time,I was really afraid of speak English…

My English is still terrible,

but you are always trying to understand what I want to say.

So I don’t need to worry about mistakes,when I’m talking with you.


And you are my Spanish teacher!!

I continue studying Spanish.

By next summer that we are going to meet,I will have spoken Spanish fluently,

and you will be surprised.

You will think “Actually,is she a Spanish?”


And I really glad to hear that you want to come to Japan.

I want to meet you there too.

I like your way of speaking Japanese!!

It makes me happy.

『Kono T-shirt,iine!!』is my favorite one.


Please take care,Nacho.

And don’t forget about me.

I’m looking forward to see you again.

Gracias por su amabilidad!!



When I went to the airport and seeing take him off,I wondered one thing.

Which one is more grief?

Seeing off or Being seen off…











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  1. I promise to go to Tokyo and talk with you in japanese! I want to improve it but its difficult. I need you!

    Thanks a lot for the post. I told you, you are a very nice person and for sure I want to see you again, it doesnt matter where. Enjoy until december

  2. Don’t lie !! you cried because you were too sad to refrain from tears!!

    I have to study Spanish hard for not being beaten by you !! but now you are better than me A LITTLE .

    eres manana !!

  3. To nacho

    I think your Japanese is pretty good(^^)
    Please continue studying!!
    You will be like Japanese.

    I really want to see you again!
    And I want to go to Spain too!
    Because now I know that Spanish people are so nice!

  4. To Yohei

    You made me so sad…hahaha
    That’s why…

    I think you know a lot of Spanish BAD words more than
    Let’s study Spanish!!!

  5. What a nice post! I really like your words and the question you asked in the end.. but i can’t answer it.. and I can’t speak Japanese and I can’t speak Spanish. Now I ask myself if i can really speak german better than you could learn it. Scheisse!! I’m not sure anymore because you guys are very good language students.. I wish all of you the best results and I’m glad that i could talk to you at least in english…

  6. To Jens

    I still thinking about that question,
    but I think I can’t find the answer…neither.
    I want to speak different language more and more.
    Because these sound really nice for me.
    These are like songs…sometimes.

    I’m really glad to talk with you,Jens.
    You gave me a lot of things,to inside of me.
    I really want to say THANK YOU(^^)


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