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To Rosemary

Thank you for your sweet letter!


I almost cried when I read it in Martin’s class.

I really sorry about that I couldn’t go to the airport when you took off from Toronto.

I didn’t know that you leave so early.

It was so sudden…and so sad.


I wrote that on the E-mail,but I want to say.

You are the most friendly woman I’ve ever seen.


I miss your beautiful smile , your  hug…

and “Shiori, you’re incredible!”

I want to say that you are incredible,Rosemary(^^)

I swear that I’m going to meet you!!

Thank you for everything !!




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  1. ohh.. you are such a bad student !! Dont read a letter in the class !! Dont take a picture in the class !!

    Sorry Im joking !! The letter is so nice !! It makes me remind of Rosemary’s kindness !!

  2. To Yohei

    Hahaha…I think you are such a GOOD student,aren’t you?

    That is really nice letter and one of my treasure.


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