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To Jens

When you left from us, I didn’t cry.

Because I felt like you are still next to us.

I hoped that you come back from the gate and say,

“I changed my flight,yeah!!”

But you didn’t.


Jens,I like your smile face.

I almost fall in love with you!!!hahaha

So keep smiling(^_^)

When you smile,everybody who saw that is going to be happy.

I’m one of them.

I’m sorry but before I came here,

I thought that People from Germany are  cold …

But ASPECT students from Germany are so nice!!!

They are so kind,friendly,funny and intelligent.

I really want to meet you again…

And also I want to meet you in Japan!!

whenever you get a chance to come,Please let me know.

Take care Jens…

See you next summer!!


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  1. I dont know why but these two sentences

    “I hoped that you come back from the gate and say,

    “I changed my flight,yeah!!”

    It´s like Jens. I´m sure that if I were there I would have thought the same. Good luck Jens!

  2. To Nacho

    I really hoped that…
    Because he was almost late to his flight.
    We ran in the airport when we went there to say
    goodbye to him!!hahaha

    And we had no time to say goodbye!!!!

  3. hahahah!! I like “YEAH!!” from Jens !! We will meet Jens again !! Then we would be realized that “He is a unusual person as if from another planet !!” by him !! If Jens came to Japan, Japan might be rocked by him !!

  4. Hey.. so nice! You almost fell in love with me.. i didn’t know.. if i had known, i would’ve changed my flight for sure!-) hahaha
    Shiori when i was with you, my big smile got even bigger 🙂
    I entered the plane in the nick of time, i even didn’t have enough time to go to the comfortable airport-washroom so i had to use the small one in the aircraft.. i had to wait alot because it was so crowded.. i almost exploded!

    One thing is for sure.. I won’t miss the flight to Japan. Maybe not this year and maybe not next, but oneday I’ll come to visit you guys over there!

    Stay the way you are!

  5. To Yohei

    I hope I will meet him again,
    he is amazing…as you know.
    Things that he has are really “new” for me.
    I want to talk with him more.

  6. To Jens

    I’m really happy to see your comment,Jens!!
    Everybody knows that you’re a amazing guy,
    and everybody loves you so much!!

    When I read about washroom,
    I couldn’t stop laughing…hahahaha

    I’m waiting for you in Japan,
    and oneday I want to visit your house too!!


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