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Finel Distance

Do you know Hikaru Utada?

She is a famous singer in Japan.

She was born in US,and she can speak English and Japanese.

I want to speak English like her…


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  1. I think your speaking is already almost like her !! as well as hair style !! :p
    Im not into Utada but I like only this song. I dont remember when I heard it where I heard it though.

  2. To yohei

    hahahaha….Thanks a lot!!
    Hair style???
    Do you think so?

    I like this song and music video as well.
    Beatiful song…

  3. i agree with yohei.. your hair is shining and glamerous like a star in the sky on a clear night… nacho says you have the best japanese haircut ever.. and we’re not drunk!!! so it’s true

    but yohei’s hairstyle is incredible ,too. because he lookes like his small dog REM- very fashionable and trendy!!

    i think nacho’s hair looks like a racoon! don’t you think? or maybe just the sound.. oh he looks mad at me i have to stop… ahhhhh

    hey about japanese music: we heard the cd you gave nacho when we played tabletennis in the morning.. nice! we sung alomg but we didn’t understand anything!

    best regards from both of us from nachos house in spain!!!

  4. i forgot… from jens and nacho πŸ˜‰

  5. TO Nacho and Jens

    What a surprise!!
    You were with nacho at that time??
    mm…I envy you(>_<)

    My hair?
    hahaha…Thank you so much!!
    I agree with you Yohei’s hairstyle is amazing!!
    But I don’t know about nacho’s…
    Um…racoon has hair?

  6. of course.. racoon hair is short and fuzy.. but it’s to fast to see the haircut.. it’s always fast πŸ˜‰

    yes i was with nacho in his room.. he has such a nice house.. but you gonna see it next summer anyway πŸ™‚

  7. To jens

    Hahaha…I see.
    That’s why I didn’t know!!
    They are so fast…

    I’m really looking forward seeing you guys in next
    Take care(^^)


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