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Precious time

Yesterday,I went to CN tower ,which is the symbol in Toronto, to have dinner

with my friends.

It was first time to go the restaurant,because I knew it’ s expensive…

The restaurant has a great view!!

I could see wonderful night view from the restaurant.


It’s like turned over a jewel box☆★

I think if you come to Toronto with your boyfriend or girlfriend,

you can have a romantic time with them in the restaurant.

I recommend to you (^_^)

But be careful!!

Meal is so EXPENSIVE!!

I’ve never spent this much money only for dinner.

I paid $56 in all.


Anyway,it was delicious so it’s OK…and I had a great time with my friends.

It’s the most precious thing that spending time with my friends.

I’ve been here about 7 months,and I have only one month more.

Now I feel that time passes so fast.

Winter is coming and I am leaving.

I’m happy because I miss my friends in Japan,

but I feel sad at the same time.

I’m sure that I’m going to miss a lot of things in Toronto and all of my friends

who I met and spent great time with.

So I have to…well,I want to make memories more and more.


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  1. Shiori! Long time since last time I had notices about you! Good to know that you are OK and having a great time in Toronto. I would had gone to this restaurant but finally I didnt.

    I really miss TO and all of you!

    PS: Ellegarden are so good! 😉 I downloaded from internet the other albums!

    PS2: And like your new theme of the blog!

  2. TO nacho

    HELLO!!Nacho!!and thank you for your comment!!
    I’m having great days here in Toronto!!
    I think you should have gone the restaurant…and
    I wish you were here with us(>_<)

    I miss you and all of my friends who have already left.

    PS:I’m really happy to hear that you like ELLEGARDEN!!
    I LOVE them too!!

    PS2:I haven’t written this BLOG so long time…ww
    I’ll try to write from today!!
    So,see you soon!!

  3. YEAH !! The restaurant was so expensive and I guess the meal was FROZEN food. Because when Andreina’s friend ordered a meal, they served it in 2 minutes.. I was disappointed then.
    Anyway, the view was so beautiful ! THAT’S IT !!

  4. To Yohei

    I didn’t notice that…(>_<)
    But did you enjoy the day?
    I hope you did!!


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