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Something that makes my heart warm

In Japan,we eat “Nabe Ryori” a lot of times specially in winter.

My dictionary said ,”Nabe Ryori” in English is “A dish cooked in a pot at the table “.

Um…for me,it sounds weird…

Anyway I like Nabe Ryori!! It makes my bady warm, and my heart too☆

But I hadn’t eaten it sice I came here,I missed it so much.

So today I decided to make it!!

After shcool, I went to Korean town to get these things.


This is Kimchi.I think you know!!ww

I was sure that I could get a good one,because it’s Korean town!!


This is soybean paste.

As you know, Miso soup  is made with this.

And I bought meat, spinach, tofu,and one kind of mushroom.

I made “Kimch Nabe”(^_^)/


Usually we use a pot to make this kind of dish, but I couldn’t find in  my house.

So, I used a pan instead…hahaha

It was nice!! I’m really happy because I’m full(*^_^*)

I’m trying to learn how to cook many diffrent kind of dishes…

I’m a woman!! I have to learn!!


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  1. uuuu, You are a cooker! nice!

  2. To Nacho

    Thank you!!
    You can make good Spanish food,can’t you?

  3. no, I cant. I dont know how to cook anything! 😦 I have to learn…

  4. wao! You cooked “nabe” ! It makes me warm too! I love “chige nabe”! I want to eat Nabe with everybody together surrounding a table! It must be so much fun !!

  5. To Nacho

    Hahaha…Yeah, you have to learn!!
    I really want to eat!!

  6. To Yohei

    It’s so easy to make!!
    I like “Chige Nabe” too!!
    I don’t know why but I like Korean food so much.


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