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Sometimes, I lose all of my power…

I can’t do anything at all.

If I try to study and open a textbook , it makes me crazy.

I don’t want to sleep, study, go out, even eat.

So when I fell down this kind of condition, I always open 2 phote albums.


These are the presents from my friends who worked at the airport with me.

They gave me this when I quit the job.

As you know, I worked at the airport for 3 years,so I got a lot of good friends.

They are crazy but awesome!!

Especially, I have 5 best friends from the company.

They always cheer me up,even if there is a long distance between us.

We share happiness and sadness.

If I share the good thing with them,it become double happiness.

If I share the sad thing with them,it become half.

So when I open the albums, I remember about all of them.

And I can get power to move.

These are my treasure.


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  1. treasure are to keep them! And you look great in uniform 🙂

  2. To Jens

    Thank you so much!!
    I hated my job but I loved all of my friends from
    the company!!


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