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With Lots of Love…

Today ,I bought a Christmas card for my grandmother on mother’s side.

She lives alone in a small town where is a little bit far from my town

so that it’s not so easy to visit her…

I decided to send the card and a present for Chrismas day.


A special grandmother like you…


…sure makes the season bright!

Merry Christmas with Lots of Love☆

This is exactly the wards that I want to say to her !! hahaha…

I really love my grandmother.

She is always kind to me and I like to talk with her.

I’m happy being your grandchild, granma(^^)

I hope you will like my gifts…


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  1. Im sure that your granma will be amazed by your kindness. It doesnt matter what your present is !!
    Good decision ! I respect that !

  2. To Yohei

    Thank you so much!!
    I didn’t expect that you would say”I respect that”!!
    It sprises me !!
    …Anyway thanks!!

  3. Shiori!!!!

    How are you!!! I knew that you had a blog but I couldn´t get the address when I was in Toronto and when I talk to you by messenger I always forget.
    But today I was reading Jen’s blog and I saw your page in the rollblog so… I’m here, writting to you!! Finally!!

    Since this moment, I’m gonna to do it frequently. I hope you are enjoying these last weeks.

    I miss you a lot guys!!! By the way, how is your hair-style… is it as beautiful as always???

    Lots of kisses for you and for my prince, Yohei (I have seen that you write a lot in Shiori’s blog).

  4. To Tia

    I’m really happy to meet you here!!
    How are you doing?

    I’m gonna enjoy last 3 weeks in Toronto.

    About my hair,I think it’s OK…hahaha
    but I haven’t found good shampoo since I came here.
    My hair is getting worse…

    Anyway I think your prince is totally fine!!hahaha
    Don’t worry!!

    I hope I can see you again in this BLOG!!
    See you soon and take care!!


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