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Have you ever seen “KILL BILL”??


Do you want to know why I asked to you that suddenly?

I’m going to tell you why.

If you like this movie, you remember the girl named “GOGO YUBARI”

who are wearing a Japanese school uniform.

Well,I had my hair cut last week and I slept when the hairdresser was cutting my hair.

So I didn’t know my forelock became so short !!

And one of my friend said,

“Um…your hair is like…the girl in KILL BILL…”

YES!! She is ” GOGO YUBARI” !!


I hope my forelock will be longer soon…


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  1. Shiori! you cut your hair! I remember the last time you did it! I´m sure you still cute 😉

  2. To Nacho

    Nacho!!!You are such a kind guy!!
    I’m sure that you’ll laugh at me if you see it!!
    And Oscar is afraid of me,because of my hair!!

  3. Shiori!!!

    Please, you have to send me a picture just to see how beautiful you are!!!!
    By the way…. why is Oscar afraid??? Tell him to be brave!!!!!

    Oh, I slept once at the hairdresser’s place…. they are still laughing about it… everytime I go, they remember, hahahaha

  4. TO Rosemary

    hahaha…Oscar is afraid of me, because I’m like her.
    and He felt like ” I’m going to kill him” with the hair style!!

    I like your hair style!!
    It’s always sexy, I think(^^)


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