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Lucy in the sky

I bought a new book!!


♪Lucy in the sky♪ Do you know the song?

Why did I choose this? Do you wanna know?

Because I like pink and blue. ww


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  1. hey you’ve chosen it because of the color. you’re defenetly a japanese girl… 😉

  2. To Jens

    Hahaha…This cover is really nice!!
    So cute…For me,It’s a kind of attractive!!
    and this book is really interesting as well.
    So, my choice is probably right(^^)

  3. HEY !! how are you doing in Japan ??
    I like to read a book ! But I dont choose a book Im gonna read because of the cover !! It sounds like choosing CDs, doesnt it ??

    Anyway, Chaito wanted to talk with you !!

  4. To Yohei

    I’m pretty good,thanks!!
    I realized that Japan is so peaseful…hahaha

    choosing a book because of cover is usual for me.
    and I always get good one.

    Oh, and thank you for telling me about Chaito!!
    I’m going to send a e-mail !!


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