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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! or it’s too late?

Please forgive me…

I couldn’t post this BLOG so often,because I got a job and I had no time to post this.

Well, as you know I’m working at a convenience store as a part-time worker,

and it’s 10pm to 8am!!

I’m so tired everyday…

My life style was completely changed.

I wake up in the evening and sleep in the morning.

I think, Yohei knows that my city is so small.

I can’t say it’s a city…almost town.

So the hourly wage is different from it in Tokyo.

…is not higher,much lower,so I have to work hard.

Anyway,let me talk about when I visited Tokyo.

Wanting to see my friends in Tokyo,I didn’t go back to my city,straightly.

I stayed there 2 days and spent my time with them.

They are from the company which I used to work.

We went to Karaoke and sang all night long,even I just arrived 2 hours ago.


hahaha…they are crazy like me!!

I enjoyed a lot,I hope they did as well.

Next day,we went to Yokohama to buy some christmas gifts.

I bought a new cloth FOR ME!! because I hadn’t bought any clothes since I was in Toronto.

One of my friend was thinking about Christmas gift for her boyfriend,

she wanted to buy a wallet…

We went to GUCCI,BVLGARI and LOUIS VUITTON,and looked for one.

But every wallets were so expensive!!

When I asked to them”How much is the maximum buget for the gift to buyfriend?”,

they said like, around $600!!

I’m not interested in GUCCI and any this kind of things,

so for me it’s crazy…

Finally,she gave up to buy wallet and decided to buy playstation3, instead.
After shopping,we had lunch and talked a lot.

I had so many things I wanted to tell them.

but time doesn’t stop.

time to say good bye…

I promised them to come back to Tokyo this March,I hope I will…

I’m really looking forward to see them again!!



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  1. hhahahha !! Instead of GUCCI is Playstation3 !!! And a present which is Playstation from a grilfriend ismust be surprising !!!

  2. To Yohei

    Good surprising? or kind of disappointing?
    Well,that is much cheaper than GUCCI, I think…
    Which one do you want?

  3. i want a yellow gucci wallet to show my female site
    i’m happy that you had so much fun with your friend back home

  4. TO Jens

    Yellow gucci??
    I’ve never seen that!!
    Is it cute??

    Anyway, how have you been, Jens??
    I hope you have a lot of fun too!!

  5. It might have been really cool to see your friends again and I supposse the time went so fast!!!

    Take care and work hard… you have to come to Madrid in September….

  6. To Rosemary

    Whenever I am with my friends, time passes so fast.
    Of course when I was in Toronto,I felt the same thing.

    I hope I can go to Madrid and talk with you in Spanish!!


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