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Tokyo again!!

Sorry,sorry,guys!!(specially Yohei.ww)

I haven’t written this blog again…hahaha

and nothing special happened to me.

OH!Let me tell you about trip to Tokyo.

I went there last month to say good bye to one of my best friends.

Her name is “Shiori”.hahaha…the same name.

She is from the company which I used to work, she quit the job last month.

she was going back to her city” Nogasaki “where is south part of Japan.

If she goes back to her city,it’s gonna be difficult to see her,

so I decided to took a day off and went to see her.

I was invited to good-by party secretly by other friend.

When I worked at the company,I had some problems.

You know,sometimes,talking to someone about problem helps you a lot,

even if they don’t give advice to you.

It’s better than that holding problem only in your mind.

Oneday,I talked her about my problem.

I know that she is a trusted person.

but I was surprised, when she cired.

She got my feeling and she felt the same thing as me.

She is so kind and always tries to understand other person’s feeling.

how hard,how happy,how sad it is.

She is a important friend for me.

When I appeared, she looked so surprised and so did other frieds in the party.

It was funny.


She is the girl next to me.

We talked a lot.

It was quit short time but I enjoyed with them.

I’m sure I can meet her again,we are in the same country!!hahaha

I hope her new life is going to be full of happiness(^^)


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  1. Finally, another picture of you… did u cut your hair? 😉 I like your post Shiori, you have to write more! and for sure, good luck to your friend.

    Always japanese girls with their fingers up! so funny! 😀

  2. good story !!! Crying with friends is always good, but at the same time it is hard moment always. Possibly it is only for me though !! hehe

  3. TO nacho

    I’m going to have my hair cut soon!!

    I know that “PEACE” is funny for you!!
    You should do this!!(^^)v

  4. To Yohei

    I know, what you mean.
    It’s really nice thing to have friends who cry for you.
    Also, I want to be like that for my friends.


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