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Yohei said he wanted to see my town,so let me show you…

I hope you know,I live in a prefecture named ” Aomori” where is the northernmost part of mainland.

The star is TOKYO.


We have a lot of snow in winter.


This is my house.

My grandpa always rakes away snow.


This is my neighboring house.

You can see…

There is almost no car…so quiet…hahaha

I told you!! my home town is countryside.

One day, When I came back from work,there was a blizzard!!


It was hard to breathe…well,I couldn’t breathe and see what’s going on!!

but it’s usual here,I could go back to home.

I’ve survived in this town!!so I’m sure I could survive in Toronto even in Feb.


Um…I think nobody can use these…

Well, if you want to visit my town,you’re welcome!!

It looks nothing, but you can eat really good scallop,tuna,and apple!!

but if you can’t speak Japanese,it’s difficult to have conversation with people.

In my town,English almost doesn’t exist…

Even if you can understand “normal Japanese”,you can’t understand what they are saying.

For Yohei,also it’s difficult to understand.

Yesterday,I was watching a TV show 2 guys visiting my town,

and they went to a noodles restaurant.

The owner has a sooooooooo strong accent,there are subtitles while he was speaking…

and then,one of the guys said;”Is that French?”

So if you want to talk to people in my town, you have to learn another language like learning English.

But don’t worry!! I’m here for you!!

I can be an interpreter…hahaha

Whenever you want, PLEASE COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. uhhhhhh,,,, do you live appropriate place to live or to call people as Japanese ??? hahah Im kidding ! IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO HEAR JAPANESE LIKE FRENCH !! If it is ture, nobody cant understand THE japanese !!
    After all, YOU MUST BE KIDDING, arent you ??? :p

  2. To Yohei

    I’m serious!!!
    When you come to my town,you will see…hahaha

  3. that sounds so funny to me… i’m not even sure that yohei can understand usual japanese.. i remember when he was looking for words in this japanese restaurant in toronto and couldn’t speak properly. you had to order for us… 🙂 so you speak alot of languages, though.. how is your spanish goin?

  4. HEY !!! Im in Japan now and Im speaking better than SHIORI !!! haha

  5. TO Jens

    hahaha…Yohei is not Japanese anymore!!
    My Spanish?
    Um…I’m going to study again…well,I have to!!

  6. To Yohei

    I’m not sure you’re Jananese or not…hahaha

  7. I want to go there!! Altough I need to improve my japanese skills before!! haha

  8. To Daraxa

    Thank you for reading my blog!!
    I think you should study ANOTHER JAPANESE too!!
    So, you have to study NOMAL JAPANESE and OUR JAPANESE!!ww


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