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How have you been??

I went to Okinawa,and I came back 2 days ago.

I hope you know the Island named Okinawa in Japan.

Okinawa has really beautiful ocean and nature.


When I visited there,it was so hot!!!!

You know that I’m from Aomori where still has snow now,

So for me, it was unbelievable weather in March!!

I met Katsu and Asako at there.

Do you know them?

I hope you do.

and I went to the aquarium named “Churaumi aquarium”.

I really wanted to go there, because I love aquarium!!!!!


It was so beautiful..

OH!! Don’t look at me like that!!!↑↑

It was nice time for me,I was healed by them…

After that, we went to the beach!!


She is so cute,isn’t she?

I don’t know her, though…ww

Sun was shining,ocean was bright.

I was full of happiness…what a peaceful day!!

and of course!! I ate a lot of Okinawa food!!ww


This is a seaweed named “Umibudou”.

Umibudou means “sea grape “.

I think you understand why it is sea grape.

It looks a little bit bad,but tastes good!!

Every Okinawa food are really tasty and healthy!!

Please try them!!

I really wanna go there again as soon as possible…


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  1. HEY !!! I envy you a lot !! I really want to go there, but I’ve NEVER been there ! Because of fucking expensive flight tickets!!! I want to eat poke in Okinawa !!

  2. fuckin hell.. i gonna come to japan and try to meet all of you,, that looks fuckin beautiful overthere! i gonna buy a boat and ride on the sea from city to city!!


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