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Long time no see you guys!!

I’ve been busy because of new job…

I got a job end of March,as a receptionist at a small hotel,

I’m still a trainee,though…hahaha

We have a lot of guests from all over the world,so I can use English.

It’s good for me, but I’m under pressure everyday.

When I had an interview for the job,I had nothing makes me confident.

I only could say,”I can speak English…(little bit)”,and I got the job.

Everybody’s expecting me to speak English when we have guests from other countries.

But it’s OK…

Sometimes I can’t understand when they speak English so fast,

but I try to understand and make them to understand what I want to say.

It’s like when I was in Toronto…hahaha

Also It’s really hard job for me, because sometimes I have to stay awake for 25 hours!!

I mean, until every guests finish to check in.

As you know,I’m always sleepy person…so it’s so hard.

Anyway,I’M STILL ALIVE,guys…ww

I work,sleep and eat!!


Hahahaha…I always eat something…

It’s Taco-rice!!

I ate it in Okinawa and I really liked it,so I tried to make it!!

I will be a good cook in this year…hahaha

You will see(^_-)—☆

See you later,guys!!


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  1. Hi Shiori! You know your english is good so… I´m sure all your clients are gonna be fine with you. You sleepy? Mariko was sleepy, not you!

  2. To Nacho

    Thanks !! You are always so kind and cheer me up!!
    I’ll do my best at my job!!
    and I was sleepy when I was in ASPECT…
    it’s less then Mariko, though…

  3. haha.. it’s funny to imagine you little sleepy thing behind the front desk speaking so politly like you always do to foreighners and make them smile. and if there is time eating nice food..

    you are the very first impression they get of the hotel in their language or in english.. so you have an important role.. they should pay you a lot for such a responsibility and you are much more qualified as you have good skills in english in the others have not.. as you spent a whole lotta time gaining them in canada as well! so tell them to upgrade your wage and promote you from trainee to senior staff or i come and kick their asses . haha

    25hours.. is a long day.. one more as days usually have. now you have extended them like a time machine and don’t know how you do such things!!! tell me

  4. TO Jens

    Hahahaha…I have 2 days off after working!!
    So I stay awake 25 hours(until 11:30am) and then, the afternoon and after 2 days are off for me.
    Actually,I have to go to work only 8 times a month.
    It sounds good,isn’t it?
    but it is not!!
    Even though I have a lot of day off,it’s still hard that working without sleeping.


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