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I don’t know where my soul is.

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I finished the induction and I’m not a trainee anymore!!

Yesterday was the first day I worked alone.

The hotel is quite small, so I have to manage the hotel whole day.

I was so tense!

I foreboded I would make something wrong…

but I didn’t!!!!!!!!

I was relieved when my co-worker came to take turn.

Oh my god…I was so tired…

I couldn’t think about anything and it’s like my soul was gone.

I don’t know I’ll be able to stand to be under this tension everytime I work.

I hope it will be better.


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  1. I´m sure it will be bette Shiori, dont worry. You have to put a photo of you working there! 🙂

  2. TO Nacho

    Thank you,Nacho!!
    I’ll put a photo…maybe!!ww


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