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Going to see my SWEETIE


How are you doing,guys.

Tokyo is so hot these days and I became like a cast-off skin of cicada.

About 2 weeks ago,I visited my sister who lives in the city named Sendai.

Sendai is not like Tokyo,smaller of course.

You can see a lot of natures when you drive in the city,

and people are nice,I feel like time in there passes so slowly.

In August,there is a big festival in Sendai,names Tanabata.

At the time I arrived at Sendai station,there was full of decoration for Tanabata,like that↑

Umm…is it too fancy??

This is special food in Sendai(^^)

These are cattle’s tongue.

I really wanted to eat it and this shop is so famous!!

It was so delicious!!

But I’m sorry to cattle.

This is also a special sweet in Sendai.

Rice cake with green soybeans paste.

It looks so JAPANESE…hahaha


I think I always write about food,don’t I??

Anyway,the trip was so fun and my sister will come to my house this winter.

umm…I miss cattle’s tongue…ww


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  1. HEYYYY!! Im doing very well so far ! How about you ?? I at least know that you have gone to Sendai since I saw this post. :p
    I envy you that eating tongue in where the best at it !! It is one of things which I must do in my life !! I love cattle’s tongue so much !!! Show us more food !!

    Your sister is taller than you !? hahaha It is very nice that you and her are like friends !! Good friends !!

  2. TO Yohei

    I’m so happy to hear from you!!
    I always read your BLOG,though.

    If you miss it,you’ll regret ahout it forever…hahaha

    I can put my trust in my sister.
    Her philosophy is much maturer than mine.ww


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