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I don’t know why but I can’t stop listening to this song.

This song is about a LOVE.

The girl in the song doubts her boyfriend,and wants to say goodbye to him.

but she can’t .

Maybe she loves him but it’s so hard loving someone with doubt.

I’m not in this kind of situation,

but can you say goodbye if you find something that your boyfried or girlfried hides from you

(like,cheating or cheating or…cheating),

even you really love him or her?


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  1. If it is cheating, I must say “bye bye” ! Cheater is always cheater, never be not cheater. even I love her.
    But the important thing is believing your partner !! And dont cheat on the one, Shiori !! OK ?? :p

  2. Don’t worry!!
    I’m 一途.ww

  3. doe it mean.. “goodbye” ???

  4. Yes!!SAYONARA is goodbye!!


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