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Trip to Mie

Last month, I went to Mie prefecture.


There is  Ise Shrine which is really famous shrine in Japan.

I love that kind of things like, shrines, temples…

I saw Yohei’s blog and the picture of Kiyomizu-temple, it was awesome!!!!

Thank you Yohei!!!


At the day, there were so many tourists and the weather was great!!


dsc01720I don’t know what it is…but I like it!!

The person who were with me knows about it and expreined to me,

even thought, I don’t remember what he said…hahaha

I don’t know why but he knows a lot of things!!

I was always impressed by his knowledge.

I think I should study about Japanese history more and more.

We walked around the Ise Shrine for 2 hours and it made us hungry.

In Ise Shrine, there is the street for food and souvenir.

emapThis street named Okage yokocho.

We enjoyed many good food there.

One of my favorite places is here!!

dsc017251It was kind of Cafe.

We were guided to Japanese stlye tatami room and enjoyed Japanese sweet with powdered green tea.


The sweet named Kuri-kinton, it made by chestnut, and it is soooooooo GOOD!!

I want to eat it one more time in my life:)

We were satisfid…

BUT we were still hungry so we went to grilled meat restaurant.

The restaurant was kind of expensive one, of course it was great!!


dsc01735The restaurant buys a cattle each day, so they can get the part which has scarcity value.

The part is amazingly delicious!!

We ate good food more and more,

I can’t explain all of them.

The most easy way to know them is going to there and eat them!!

If you get a chance to go Mie, please try these great food.



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  1. Yeahhhh !! MIE!! ISE JINGUU!!!!!! That’s one of my favorite and easy to visit place !!!! I have been there several times and also Okage Yokocho ! I love the UDON !! It is amazingly “FuwaFuwa” ! I dont know how I can expalin in English. Nice to see there !!

  2. hey shiori!!!! we are all together in nachos house near nadrid now… we miss you alot and find it very interesting where you have been and hope you are doing well!

    .. but we wanna see pictures of you and not of the food 😉 hehe

    greets from nacho, carlos and jens!

  3. cook-a-doodle-doo 😉


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