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I wanna go to Spain!!

I think Mr.Yohei is there in Spain, right now…

I envy him a lot!!!!!!!

Please enjoy and let’s talk on skype soon!


Trip to Mie

Last month, I went to Mie prefecture.


There is  Ise Shrine which is really famous shrine in Japan.

I love that kind of things like, shrines, temples…

I saw Yohei’s blog and the picture of Kiyomizu-temple, it was awesome!!!!

Thank you Yohei!!!


At the day, there were so many tourists and the weather was great!!


dsc01720I don’t know what it is…but I like it!!

The person who were with me knows about it and expreined to me,

even thought, I don’t remember what he said…hahaha

I don’t know why but he knows a lot of things!!

I was always impressed by his knowledge.

I think I should study about Japanese history more and more.

We walked around the Ise Shrine for 2 hours and it made us hungry.

In Ise Shrine, there is the street for food and souvenir.

emapThis street named Okage yokocho.

We enjoyed many good food there.

One of my favorite places is here!!

dsc017251It was kind of Cafe.

We were guided to Japanese stlye tatami room and enjoyed Japanese sweet with powdered green tea.


The sweet named Kuri-kinton, it made by chestnut, and it is soooooooo GOOD!!

I want to eat it one more time in my life:)

We were satisfid…

BUT we were still hungry so we went to grilled meat restaurant.

The restaurant was kind of expensive one, of course it was great!!


dsc01735The restaurant buys a cattle each day, so they can get the part which has scarcity value.

The part is amazingly delicious!!

We ate good food more and more,

I can’t explain all of them.

The most easy way to know them is going to there and eat them!!

If you get a chance to go Mie, please try these great food.



I don’t know why but I can’t stop listening to this song.

This song is about a LOVE.

The girl in the song doubts her boyfriend,and wants to say goodbye to him.

but she can’t .

Maybe she loves him but it’s so hard loving someone with doubt.

I’m not in this kind of situation,

but can you say goodbye if you find something that your boyfried or girlfried hides from you

(like,cheating or cheating or…cheating),

even you really love him or her?

The Sky Crawlers

I watched the movie titled “The Sky Crawlers”,yesterday.

It is a animation film directed by Mamoru Oshii.

It was so difficult to understand all of the meaning of this story,

for me,too deep…I want to tell you the story.

There is a man named Yuichi Kannami who is one of “Kirudore”.

Oops!! I have to tell you about “Kirudore” first.ww

Kirudore is kid who never be adult.

So they do not die by aging,only the way they die is death in the battle in the sky.

Yuichi has been transferred to the front line in Europe.

He then meets the base commander Suito Kusanagi for the first time,

but he has a strange feeling that they have met before.

As the war intensifies,and many comrades fall,the two deepen their understanding and reliance,

and as they gradually realize the sad and tragic destiny of the Kirudore,they face their destiny together.

The battle in the sky is not real “War”.

People need to feel “peace” everyday,so the battle is making people feel peace.

When someone died in the war,people think”War is sad thing,we shouldn’t do that”,

but If “peace” becomes usual,they will forget the importance and frailness of it.

They need something to compere with peace.

That is “the war in the sky”.

Yuichi and the other Kirudore fight for that and die for that.

I felt like the movie asked me ” what is the meaning of life?”

I can’t answer the question yet.

I am moved by the music in this movie.

specially, the song with the end-all.

『wrapped in the stars tonight』by Ayaka

this song matches the movie so much.

Her voice is like the wind at night.

I felt this movie is really sad,but you will get something from it.

I don’t know it’s positive thought or not,

but deep inside of your heart.

Snakes and Earrings

Recently,I read a book titled“Snakes and Earrings”

written by a Japanese young woman named Hitomi Kanehara.

She wrote the novel when she was 21.

In 2003, the novel won her the Akutagawa Prize,

one of the most prestigious literary awards in Japan.

It is really difficult to explain the story in English…

But let me try.

The 17-years-old heroine in this story is called Lui-“for Louis Vitton”,She says.

One day, she met a guy named Ama who has so many piercing holes on his face and red strange hair,

also he has split tongue like snakes.

Lui is fascinated it and she longs to split her tongue.

And she also wants to tattoo in her back.

She met the other guy named Shiba who is a tattooist,also has a lot of piercings on his face.

She has sex on the side with him,in exchange for design he’s working on her back.

Lui can feel “living”,only when she feels pain.

The guy named Shiba is a sadist and he wants to kill the parson who he loves.

The other guy named Ama loves Lui so much,

Even she doesn’t know she loves him or just his tongue.

One day,when she was going out with Ama and friend,

bad guys tried to touch her and do some stupied thing to her,

Ama got so angry and hit the guy again and again.

At the last,Ama put his hand in the guys mouth and got 2 teeth of him.

Lui got angry at Ama and asked “Why did you do that?” because somebody called a police

and siren of police car was almost there but he was continuing hitting the guy.

Ama said 2 teeth is proof of love to Lui and he couldn’t control himself at the time.

Lui can’t blame him anymore because she knows Ama’s love to her is so honest.

The days passed so peaceful,but one day when she read a new paper,she found the article

about the case of murder which happened at the place Ama hit the guy.

She noticed that the guy that Ama hit was dead so Ama became a murder and police are searching him,

even she doesn’t want to believe it.

Unfortunately,the guy’s party remembered Ama’s red hair and piercing face.

She didn’t tell Ama about the article and tried to change his hair color as soon as passable.

The story’s progress is marked by the in creasing girth of stud the Lui uses to stretch her pierced tongue.

When it reaches 9.5mm,the remaining strip of flesh will be tied with dental floss

then sliced with a razor blade.

Ama wasn’t caught so long time,so Lui thought Ama’ll never be caught and the case is over.

But one day,Ama didn’t come back from his part time job.

He always wants to come back as soon as passible and he calls her even he will be late only 30 min.

She is disturbed about him and asked to Shiba about him.

She want to apply to the police for him,but she find that she even doesn’t know Ama’s real name.

She is in blank dejection,she doesn’t know about him at all.

Few days later,Ama was found dead.

Somebody raped him and killed him.

First,she thought somebady who is in the party with the guy Ama killed did,

but she noticed,if they killed him thay would try to hide the body.

The way of killing Ama was not nomal morder.

Clearly,somebody who is deep sadist did.

She found a incense stick which was found the murder site in Shiba’s shop.

She doesn’t want to think that Shiba killed Ama,

but she vaguely thinks so.

There is no reasen to split her tongue anymore,Ama is not here,

so she gave up to make it.

She finally realized that maybe she loved Ama.

But she didn’t ask Shiba that he killed Ama or not,

because she knows that killing the person is the way to love the person for Shiba.

I’m so sorry about my bad explanation,

and also I wrote some of my readings in it.

If you interested in the story,it is translated in English.

Please read it.

I never think want to kill somebody who I love,

but I know that there is a lot of way to love.

And it is impassible to understand all of them


I bought a new cellphone few days ago.

So I have two cellphones now.ww

It is nice color,don’t you think?

Going to see my SWEETIE


How are you doing,guys.

Tokyo is so hot these days and I became like a cast-off skin of cicada.

About 2 weeks ago,I visited my sister who lives in the city named Sendai.

Sendai is not like Tokyo,smaller of course.

You can see a lot of natures when you drive in the city,

and people are nice,I feel like time in there passes so slowly.

In August,there is a big festival in Sendai,names Tanabata.

At the time I arrived at Sendai station,there was full of decoration for Tanabata,like that↑

Umm…is it too fancy??

This is special food in Sendai(^^)

These are cattle’s tongue.

I really wanted to eat it and this shop is so famous!!

It was so delicious!!

But I’m sorry to cattle.

This is also a special sweet in Sendai.

Rice cake with green soybeans paste.

It looks so JAPANESE…hahaha


I think I always write about food,don’t I??

Anyway,the trip was so fun and my sister will come to my house this winter.

umm…I miss cattle’s tongue…ww