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The Sky Crawlers

I watched the movie titled “The Sky Crawlers”,yesterday.

It is a animation film directed by Mamoru Oshii.

It was so difficult to understand all of the meaning of this story,

for me,too deep…I want to tell you the story.

There is a man named Yuichi Kannami who is one of “Kirudore”.

Oops!! I have to tell you about “Kirudore” first.ww

Kirudore is kid who never be adult.

So they do not die by aging,only the way they die is death in the battle in the sky.

Yuichi has been transferred to the front line in Europe.

He then meets the base commander Suito Kusanagi for the first time,

but he has a strange feeling that they have met before.

As the war intensifies,and many comrades fall,the two deepen their understanding and reliance,

and as they gradually realize the sad and tragic destiny of the Kirudore,they face their destiny together.

The battle in the sky is not real “War”.

People need to feel “peace” everyday,so the battle is making people feel peace.

When someone died in the war,people think”War is sad thing,we shouldn’t do that”,

but If “peace” becomes usual,they will forget the importance and frailness of it.

They need something to compere with peace.

That is “the war in the sky”.

Yuichi and the other Kirudore fight for that and die for that.

I felt like the movie asked me ” what is the meaning of life?”

I can’t answer the question yet.

I am moved by the music in this movie.

specially, the song with the end-all.

『wrapped in the stars tonight』by Ayaka

this song matches the movie so much.

Her voice is like the wind at night.

I felt this movie is really sad,but you will get something from it.

I don’t know it’s positive thought or not,

but deep inside of your heart.