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I don’t know why but I can’t stop listening to this song.

This song is about a LOVE.

The girl in the song doubts her boyfriend,and wants to say goodbye to him.

but she can’t .

Maybe she loves him but it’s so hard loving someone with doubt.

I’m not in this kind of situation,

but can you say goodbye if you find something that your boyfried or girlfried hides from you

(like,cheating or cheating or…cheating),

even you really love him or her?



Do you remember the band from Japan which I introduced before?

Yeah…They are ELLEGARDEN!!!!!!

I found really nice music video.




They are just great!!

There are a lot of songs which mixed Japanese and English in Japan,

but they are the best one for me.

The singer named Kumi is Japanese.

Her Japanese is like English!! and so natural, I think.

I don’t know why but they fascinate me a lot.

Don’t Mug Yourself

Hahaha…I have the same FRED PERRY’s shirt!!

Finel Distance

Do you know Hikaru Utada?

She is a famous singer in Japan.

She was born in US,and she can speak English and Japanese.

I want to speak English like her…


[MAKE A WISH] is name of my blog.
And also my favorite song.

The song is sung by Japanese band [ELLEGARDEN].

They sing songs in Japanese and English.
I love their songs !!



Sunday is over
We are all going home
No reason to stay here
But no one has made a move

We know that for sure
Nothing lasts forever
But we have too many things gone too fast

Let’s make a wish
Easy one
That you are not the only one
And someone’s there next to you holding your hand
Make a wish
You’ll be fine
Nothing’s gonna let you down
Someone’s there next you holding you now
Someone’s there next you holding you
Along the paths you walk

when I listen to this song,I make a wish.
So let’s make a wish !!