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I wanna go to Spain!!

I think Mr.Yohei is there in Spain, right now…

I envy him a lot!!!!!!!

Please enjoy and let’s talk on skype soon!


Going to KISARAZU,Nya——-

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Last week,I went to see one of my best friend who is pregnant.

She is living the city named Kisarazu.

The city is a little bit famous,isn’t it Yohei-san?

At this time,I and 4 friends planed going to visit her,

but not just “visit”.

We want to make her surprise,

so at first one of my friend went to the restaurant where they were going to have a lunch,

I and other friends were waiting at a convenience store where is close to the restaurant.

When the friend sent me “COME!!” by a E-mail,we entered the restaurant.

She didn’t expect that all of us were there,of course.

So when we appeared,she cried in,

and the woman next to her was surprised more than her.hahaha

My friend was crying,like she couldn’t believe it,

and also all of us were crying because we missed her a lot.

We hadn’t seen each other for 6 months.

I still can’t believe that she in going to be a mother!!

But I’m sure that she is going to be a great mother.

We have a lunch together and talking and talking and talking.

Her wedding is in August,of course I’m going.

I’m so happy and looking forward to see her wearing a wedding dress!!

It must be beautiful!!

Tokyo again!!

Sorry,sorry,guys!!(specially Yohei.ww)

I haven’t written this blog again…hahaha

and nothing special happened to me.

OH!Let me tell you about trip to Tokyo.

I went there last month to say good bye to one of my best friends.

Her name is “Shiori”.hahaha…the same name.

She is from the company which I used to work, she quit the job last month.

she was going back to her city” Nogasaki “where is south part of Japan.

If she goes back to her city,it’s gonna be difficult to see her,

so I decided to took a day off and went to see her.

I was invited to good-by party secretly by other friend.

When I worked at the company,I had some problems.

You know,sometimes,talking to someone about problem helps you a lot,

even if they don’t give advice to you.

It’s better than that holding problem only in your mind.

Oneday,I talked her about my problem.

I know that she is a trusted person.

but I was surprised, when she cired.

She got my feeling and she felt the same thing as me.

She is so kind and always tries to understand other person’s feeling.

how hard,how happy,how sad it is.

She is a important friend for me.

When I appeared, she looked so surprised and so did other frieds in the party.

It was funny.


She is the girl next to me.

We talked a lot.

It was quit short time but I enjoyed with them.

I’m sure I can meet her again,we are in the same country!!hahaha

I hope her new life is going to be full of happiness(^^)


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! or it’s too late?

Please forgive me…

I couldn’t post this BLOG so often,because I got a job and I had no time to post this.

Well, as you know I’m working at a convenience store as a part-time worker,

and it’s 10pm to 8am!!

I’m so tired everyday…

My life style was completely changed.

I wake up in the evening and sleep in the morning.

I think, Yohei knows that my city is so small.

I can’t say it’s a city…almost town.

So the hourly wage is different from it in Tokyo.

…is not higher,much lower,so I have to work hard.

Anyway,let me talk about when I visited Tokyo.

Wanting to see my friends in Tokyo,I didn’t go back to my city,straightly.

I stayed there 2 days and spent my time with them.

They are from the company which I used to work.

We went to Karaoke and sang all night long,even I just arrived 2 hours ago.


hahaha…they are crazy like me!!

I enjoyed a lot,I hope they did as well.

Next day,we went to Yokohama to buy some christmas gifts.

I bought a new cloth FOR ME!! because I hadn’t bought any clothes since I was in Toronto.

One of my friend was thinking about Christmas gift for her boyfriend,

she wanted to buy a wallet…

We went to GUCCI,BVLGARI and LOUIS VUITTON,and looked for one.

But every wallets were so expensive!!

When I asked to them”How much is the maximum buget for the gift to buyfriend?”,

they said like, around $600!!

I’m not interested in GUCCI and any this kind of things,

so for me it’s crazy…

Finally,she gave up to buy wallet and decided to buy playstation3, instead.
After shopping,we had lunch and talked a lot.

I had so many things I wanted to tell them.

but time doesn’t stop.

time to say good bye…

I promised them to come back to Tokyo this March,I hope I will…

I’m really looking forward to see them again!!



Sometimes, I lose all of my power…

I can’t do anything at all.

If I try to study and open a textbook , it makes me crazy.

I don’t want to sleep, study, go out, even eat.

So when I fell down this kind of condition, I always open 2 phote albums.


These are the presents from my friends who worked at the airport with me.

They gave me this when I quit the job.

As you know, I worked at the airport for 3 years,so I got a lot of good friends.

They are crazy but awesome!!

Especially, I have 5 best friends from the company.

They always cheer me up,even if there is a long distance between us.

We share happiness and sadness.

If I share the good thing with them,it become double happiness.

If I share the sad thing with them,it become half.

So when I open the albums, I remember about all of them.

And I can get power to move.

These are my treasure.

To Nacho

I still can’t believe you are not here.

I had to say good bye to you,but I really didn’t want to…

I had decided that I was going to say good bye with a smile.

But it was impossible…

Because of Yohei!!

I was trying not to cry.

But when I saw him crying,I couldn’t refrain from tears…

I cried too much,and I thought my eyes were going to melt.





I have a lot of things that I didn’t say to you.

Because I couldn’t stop crying…


Nacho,you are amazing.

I really happy to meet you in Toronto.


First time,I was really afraid of speak English…

My English is still terrible,

but you are always trying to understand what I want to say.

So I don’t need to worry about mistakes,when I’m talking with you.


And you are my Spanish teacher!!

I continue studying Spanish.

By next summer that we are going to meet,I will have spoken Spanish fluently,

and you will be surprised.

You will think “Actually,is she a Spanish?”


And I really glad to hear that you want to come to Japan.

I want to meet you there too.

I like your way of speaking Japanese!!

It makes me happy.

『Kono T-shirt,iine!!』is my favorite one.


Please take care,Nacho.

And don’t forget about me.

I’m looking forward to see you again.

Gracias por su amabilidad!!



When I went to the airport and seeing take him off,I wondered one thing.

Which one is more grief?

Seeing off or Being seen off…