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Going to see my SWEETIE


How are you doing,guys.

Tokyo is so hot these days and I became like a cast-off skin of cicada.

About 2 weeks ago,I visited my sister who lives in the city named Sendai.

Sendai is not like Tokyo,smaller of course.

You can see a lot of natures when you drive in the city,

and people are nice,I feel like time in there passes so slowly.

In August,there is a big festival in Sendai,names Tanabata.

At the time I arrived at Sendai station,there was full of decoration for Tanabata,like that↑

Umm…is it too fancy??

This is special food in Sendai(^^)

These are cattle’s tongue.

I really wanted to eat it and this shop is so famous!!

It was so delicious!!

But I’m sorry to cattle.

This is also a special sweet in Sendai.

Rice cake with green soybeans paste.

It looks so JAPANESE…hahaha


I think I always write about food,don’t I??

Anyway,the trip was so fun and my sister will come to my house this winter.

umm…I miss cattle’s tongue…ww