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Trip to Mie

Last month, I went to Mie prefecture.


There is  Ise Shrine which is really famous shrine in Japan.

I love that kind of things like, shrines, temples…

I saw Yohei’s blog and the picture of Kiyomizu-temple, it was awesome!!!!

Thank you Yohei!!!


At the day, there were so many tourists and the weather was great!!


dsc01720I don’t know what it is…but I like it!!

The person who were with me knows about it and expreined to me,

even thought, I don’t remember what he said…hahaha

I don’t know why but he knows a lot of things!!

I was always impressed by his knowledge.

I think I should study about Japanese history more and more.

We walked around the Ise Shrine for 2 hours and it made us hungry.

In Ise Shrine, there is the street for food and souvenir.

emapThis street named Okage yokocho.

We enjoyed many good food there.

One of my favorite places is here!!

dsc017251It was kind of Cafe.

We were guided to Japanese stlye tatami room and enjoyed Japanese sweet with powdered green tea.


The sweet named Kuri-kinton, it made by chestnut, and it is soooooooo GOOD!!

I want to eat it one more time in my life:)

We were satisfid…

BUT we were still hungry so we went to grilled meat restaurant.

The restaurant was kind of expensive one, of course it was great!!


dsc01735The restaurant buys a cattle each day, so they can get the part which has scarcity value.

The part is amazingly delicious!!

We ate good food more and more,

I can’t explain all of them.

The most easy way to know them is going to there and eat them!!

If you get a chance to go Mie, please try these great food.



Going to see my SWEETIE


How are you doing,guys.

Tokyo is so hot these days and I became like a cast-off skin of cicada.

About 2 weeks ago,I visited my sister who lives in the city named Sendai.

Sendai is not like Tokyo,smaller of course.

You can see a lot of natures when you drive in the city,

and people are nice,I feel like time in there passes so slowly.

In August,there is a big festival in Sendai,names Tanabata.

At the time I arrived at Sendai station,there was full of decoration for Tanabata,like that↑

Umm…is it too fancy??

This is special food in Sendai(^^)

These are cattle’s tongue.

I really wanted to eat it and this shop is so famous!!

It was so delicious!!

But I’m sorry to cattle.

This is also a special sweet in Sendai.

Rice cake with green soybeans paste.

It looks so JAPANESE…hahaha


I think I always write about food,don’t I??

Anyway,the trip was so fun and my sister will come to my house this winter.

umm…I miss cattle’s tongue…ww

keep living

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Last week,I bought a book titled “Shokudou Katatsumuri”.

It’s meaning,”Dining room snail”.

Hahaha…It’s cute name,isn’t it??

This is a story about woman who was left by her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend is Hindu and they lived together in a small apartment.

One day,when she came back from work,he was gone with everything in the room.

Money that they saved to open a restaurant together,furniture and every kitchen utensils.

She was surprised but not angry, even though,she lost her voice because of the shock.

She just left the room and took a bus to go back to her home town.

She loved the town but did’t like her mother so she left the town when she was 15.

She opened a dining room in the small town,it is” shokudou katatsumuri”

Only one person or group can eat the food each day.

She has a interview with the guest and then she makes a menu for them with a lot of ideas that her grandma taught until died.

She really loved her grandma.

The description in the book is tender and soft.

I can imagine the smell when she is cooking.

At the end,she realized that she had a misunderstanding about her mother,

but it was too late to realize.

Her mother got cancer and can live only few more months.

She decided to make food for mother’s wedding with her first love.

Few weeks later of the wedding, her mother died.

She became a mere shell of woman but when she found a letter from mother and read,

she decides that going to live and keep cooking.

After reading this book,I really wanted to cook!!

and I cooked this.

This is “Butanokakuni”.

I bought a chunk of pork,cubed the meat and cooked by rice cooker.

This makes me remember my grandma’s cooking.

I miss her and her cooking since I left my home.

Since my mom passed away,grandma has done every house-work.

When I came back from work in the morning,living room was full of good smell of breakfast.

Honestly,I didn’t want to leave my home.

I want to eat grandma’s food everyday and I was happy with my family.

But I knew that it would be not good for me.

If I stayed in my home so long time,I would depend on my family and never be able to leave,

I didn’t want to be like that.

So I decided to leave and live alone now,

and keep living and cooking like the woman in the book do.

New life

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Long time no see you guys!!

I’ve been busy because of new job…

I got a job end of March,as a receptionist at a small hotel,

I’m still a trainee,though…hahaha

We have a lot of guests from all over the world,so I can use English.

It’s good for me, but I’m under pressure everyday.

When I had an interview for the job,I had nothing makes me confident.

I only could say,”I can speak English…(little bit)”,and I got the job.

Everybody’s expecting me to speak English when we have guests from other countries.

But it’s OK…

Sometimes I can’t understand when they speak English so fast,

but I try to understand and make them to understand what I want to say.

It’s like when I was in Toronto…hahaha

Also It’s really hard job for me, because sometimes I have to stay awake for 25 hours!!

I mean, until every guests finish to check in.

As you know,I’m always sleepy person…so it’s so hard.

Anyway,I’M STILL ALIVE,guys…ww

I work,sleep and eat!!


Hahahaha…I always eat something…

It’s Taco-rice!!

I ate it in Okinawa and I really liked it,so I tried to make it!!

I will be a good cook in this year…hahaha

You will see(^_-)—☆

See you later,guys!!

Something that makes my heart warm

In Japan,we eat “Nabe Ryori” a lot of times specially in winter.

My dictionary said ,”Nabe Ryori” in English is “A dish cooked in a pot at the table “.

Um…for me,it sounds weird…

Anyway I like Nabe Ryori!! It makes my bady warm, and my heart too☆

But I hadn’t eaten it sice I came here,I missed it so much.

So today I decided to make it!!

After shcool, I went to Korean town to get these things.


This is Kimchi.I think you know!!ww

I was sure that I could get a good one,because it’s Korean town!!


This is soybean paste.

As you know, Miso soup  is made with this.

And I bought meat, spinach, tofu,and one kind of mushroom.

I made “Kimch Nabe”(^_^)/


Usually we use a pot to make this kind of dish, but I couldn’t find in  my house.

So, I used a pan instead…hahaha

It was nice!! I’m really happy because I’m full(*^_^*)

I’m trying to learn how to cook many diffrent kind of dishes…

I’m a woman!! I have to learn!!

Precious time

Yesterday,I went to CN tower ,which is the symbol in Toronto, to have dinner

with my friends.

It was first time to go the restaurant,because I knew it’ s expensive…

The restaurant has a great view!!

I could see wonderful night view from the restaurant.


It’s like turned over a jewel box☆★

I think if you come to Toronto with your boyfriend or girlfriend,

you can have a romantic time with them in the restaurant.

I recommend to you (^_^)

But be careful!!

Meal is so EXPENSIVE!!

I’ve never spent this much money only for dinner.

I paid $56 in all.


Anyway,it was delicious so it’s OK…and I had a great time with my friends.

It’s the most precious thing that spending time with my friends.

I’ve been here about 7 months,and I have only one month more.

Now I feel that time passes so fast.

Winter is coming and I am leaving.

I’m happy because I miss my friends in Japan,

but I feel sad at the same time.

I’m sure that I’m going to miss a lot of things in Toronto and all of my friends

who I met and spent great time with.

So I have to…well,I want to make memories more and more.